54 products

      54 products

      At Miki Miette, we carry tailor-made accessories for your little tyke. From charm bracelets to temporary tattoos designed specifically for children from Meri Meri, our toddler and baby boutique accessories collection features essential outfit extras so your little one can express themselves.

      children’s jewelry + accessories

      Our popular charm necklaces and bracelets feature child-safe materials and design, while still ensuring a whimsical feel with bright colors and fun designs. Pendants with tasseled unicorns and playful mermaids appeal to the fantasy lover, while astronomy necklaces and nature-inspired brooches inspire the love of all things outdoors. Shop the cutest baby accessories like headbands, rings, bangles, and hair clips from Lilies & Roses NY at Miki Miette!

      children’s temporary tattoos

      Since your little ones change their mind from day to day (and sometimes from minute to minute), our tattoos are meant to wash off in a day or two, letting your kiddos find a new favorite whenever they want. Each temporary tattoo pack comes in a set of two and features trendy designs that include everything from bugs, butterflies, and unicorns to robots, skulls, and monsters.

      hair clips + hair pins

      Felt cats, classic pom poms, and glitter bows ensure your little gal always has stylish hair. Instead of spending your mornings reminding her to sit still, capture her attention with a choice of expressive hair accessories she can’t help but love!

      At Miki Miette, our toddler and baby boutique accessories are designed with your kiddos in mind. Shop our baby accessories and more!