Whether it's jet-setting with their parents or making pancakes at home on a lazy Sunday, we make comfy, fashionable styles for you and your little ones to enjoy every day.

Woodstock Sherpa Jacket
Perfect for Fall!
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$ 72.00

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We, as parents, have the power to inspire their sense of self and individuality. We believe every child deserves to have their personal sense of style expressed—even if it's wearing their jacket inside out and their snowboots out in the summer!

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Miki Miette is my go to for comfortable clothing and we love that they go up to size 14!

“I love that Miki Miette clothing is both stylish and well made. I was extremely impressed with the quality and loved the packaging the clothes came in. I would recommend this brand to any mom who wants their child to stand out with quality and stylish clothes.

We love how soft and comfortable the fabric and fit is. Also through multiple washes, they stay in great condition and never wear out. Great quality and investment.