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      Temporary Tattoo Options for Kids

      Who says art is just for paper? With our cool temporary tattoos for kids, you’ll find that art time just got a whole lot more fun! Explore our washable tattoos, and allow your little ones to express their personalities! Don’t forget to grab the camera for a quick instagram pic that’s guaranteed lot’s of likes! From sea creatures to moons and stars, there’s a variety that will surely brighten your little ones day!

      A Very Meri Selection

      Our Meri Meri selection features designs that are perfect for both little dudes and little gals! No matter what their interests, they’ll find a tattoo to represent their style. Accessorize any outfit with a design that they’ll love to show off to their friends!

      Cool scenic styles like western themes, creepy crawly bugs, butterflies, and colorful rainbows are just a few of the options you have to choose from. Each tattoo is full of bright colors and metallic foil accents to ensure they really stand out on the skin.

      Instructions for Use and Duration of Tattoos

      To use your temporary tattoos, simply lay the sheet face down on the skin and hold a damp paper towel over it for 30 seconds. Gently peel back the sheet to reveal a brand new tattoo!

      No matter how shiny, glittery, or patterned they are, these washable tattoos come right off with no harsh scrubbing, but you can still let your little one get creative without having to worry about the color rubbing off.

      Shop the temporary tattoos for kids at Miki Miette to add some color, love, and fun into your life today!