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      Charm Necklaces for Girls

      Each of our charm necklaces for girls are different from the rest, and will leave your little one looking simply stylish! Whether chunky charms or delicate jewels are her style, you can explore tons of different looks for a piece she loves. Our toddler necklaces are the perfect addition to any instagram selfie style!

      Meri Meri at Miki Miette

      What do shooting stars, mermaids, and dinosaurs all have in common? They’re all part of the exclusive Meri Meri collection! This special line of jewelry offers your little ones bold designs with translucent features, glittering accents, and colorful styles. Meri Meri creates carefully crafted works of art that are truly one-of-a-kind. Let your little ones try on a sparkly bow for an elegant touch or choose a more magical impact with a bright unicorn!

      Necklace Materials and Durability

      To help keep up with twirling ballerinas and gymnastic artists, these charm necklaces for girls are made from durable materials that are perfect for active toddlers. Jewelry should be fun, and with plastics and acrylics, Miki Miette is able to get the best of both worlds for your little one — durability and fashionable designs. Although these artistic pieces may look delicate, they are crafted specifically for active youngsters.

      Explore our entire Meri Meri selection online today at Miki Miette!