No Kid Hungry x Miki Miette Partnership

No Kid Hungry and Miki Miette Donation Partnership

*UPDATE 04/21/2020: Our donation has been made!  If you missed our event, we really encourage you to still make a donation, even if it's just $5 or $10! That could be a meal for a kiddo just like your own!  You can donate here.

*UPDATE 04/20/2020: We did so great, you guys!  My goal in my head was $500 for our portion of the donation.  I'm so so happy to announce that we reach and even exceeded that goal!  

The total from our 3-day partnership is $789.97 👏🏼❤️ We'll make it an even $800 to send to NO KID HUNGRY, and with PEPSICO matching our donation, that's $1600 total! That's sooo many meals for kiddos!

THANK YOU to everyone that purchased during this time!  You can pat yourself on the back knowing that your purchase helped some kids out in need of food security during this pandemic!

*UPDATE 04/16/2020: We have just found out that PEPSICO has committed to matching our donation!  We couldn't be more excited about this trifecta partnership!  

04/13/2020: In the midst of this global pandemic, it's so great to see so many individuals and companies alike stepping up and opening their arms to help those in need.  I explored different options to see what spoke to me as an individual and as a company, because it was really important to me to partner with an organization I truly believed in, and that I truly felt I could make a dent in.  I considered making fabric masks, but after considering the workers that would have to be involved & the carbon footprint, I decided that wasn't for me - not to mention hundreds of businesses large and small were already doing the same and probably fulfilling that need.  I also considered a flat out donation to a larger, well-known organization, but that also didn't feel right.  I wanted something that would encourage others to donate on their own, and I definitely knew that I wanted to focus on something for children.

That's how I came across No Kid Hungry, a non-profit that tackles child hunger in the US.  A bulk of their work focuses on the Summertime when kids are out of school and therefore unable to access free or low cost breakfasts and lunches. However, with the nationwide school closures due to the Coronavirus pandemic and frightening high unemployment levels, there are MILLIONS of children facing hunger TODAY.  All they want is a sufficient meal.

I think it's safe to say that if you are reading this right now, you are, like me, so very fortunate to not have to worry about having enough food for your child every day.  Let's show our love to these kids, who are going hungry right under our noses, many times, within our own communities.  Miki Miette is pledging to donate 25% of all sales from this Friday, April 17th through Sunday, April 19th.  If a purchase during this time isn't right for you, I still encourage you to donate even just $5 directly to No Kid Hungry.  These kiddos deserve to be fed, to be loved, to be kids!

To see the work they are doing during the Coronavirus pandemic click here.