A message from Sawako about COVID-19

Moms are the toughest people on earth.  We put our bodies through unimaginable changes and pain to create human life. We work multiple jobs to keep food on the table. We sacrifice our own needs for the needs of screaming 2 year olds, 8 year olds who give us attitude about homework, piles of dishes, smelly socks, and making sure our kids get to soccer practice on time. Mothers are the emotional cornerstones of our households. When challenges present themselves, we rise to the occasion, and find strength that sometimes WE didn’t even know we possessed. There is NOTHING we cannot do.

Some of you may know that our warehouse was temporarily closed to all tenants for a couple weeks.  We are so very happy to announce that as of Tuesday, March 31st, we will regain limited access to our warehouse.  With this, we are able to fulfill our online orders at this time.  As a precaution, we are doing the following to ensure the safety of our staff and your package:

  • Diligently following guidance and best practices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including increased cleaning procedures, including frequent hand washing, cleaning of surfaces and door handles.

  • A maximum of 2 employees in the office at any given time, with social distancing practices keeping at least 6 feet apart from each other.

  • Decreased number of days in the office to 2-3 days a week. Please note that this means that instead of our usual same day or next day order processing, it may take us up to 3 days to send your order out (and then you need to account for the actual shipping time).  Please keep this in mind when selecting your shipping method at checkout!

  • Allowing only one person in the elevator at any given time, and social distancing with others in the hallway & lobby.

  • Packages will be dropped off in a secure USPS bin, eliminating the need for our employees to personally hand off items at the Post Office.

  • Our customer service team is available to answer any questions about products, shipping options and procedures.  You can reach us anytime at info@mikimiette.com or text us at 213.335.8466. You can also DM us on Instagram!

We are SO thankful and grateful for your support through all of this.  I encourage you to show love for all of your favorite businesses, especially women-owned businesses, even if that’s just a simple hello on an IG post or sharing and tagging them in a photo showing you enjoying their product or services.  As a business owner, I can tell you firsthand that it really makes my day when I see you guys sharing your personal experiences with Miki Miette!  That’s the greatest reward of all!  Tag us with #MikiMietteStrong to show how you’re keeping your spirits as high as ever! 

While these times are uncertain, we take comfort in the fact that we have an amazing team and a compassionate & loyal community of customers.  We all need a break from the news sometimes! And at Miki Miette, we are ALWAYS here for you and ready to provide support, inspiration & a continuous supply of happy rainbows. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of the family! 

Sawako & the Miki Miette fam bam ❤️