Summertime Activity Ideas

Summertime, Funnertime!!!

School’s out, time to party!! Summer time is here and that means free time, which also means… how do we fill that free time?!?! Not to worry, we’re here with a few fun suggestions from our creative department at Miki Miette!




First up, for the aspiring little artist in your life: Star of the Sea Crayons. These star-shaped crayons are perfect for tiny hands, fitting so snugly into those baby fingers as they find their first marks towards paper. These super-grippable crayons are highly pigmented and will ensure your little one gets their creative imagination across whether or not it stays within the lines.


For the more refined artist with free time this summer, our Color Splash Watercolor Pencils are an excellent choice. Color Splash is a set of 24 watercolor pencils in a super cute tin case that'll make your art different from the rest. These pencils that make amazing blends, shades and textures.You can add watercolor effects to your coloring by applying a base layer with Color Splash on the paper first and then adding water with a paint brush. Try different shading effects, blending with two different colors, applying water before and after secondary layers—the possibilities are endless with these extremely versatile pencils. Experimentation is the key to bringing unique effects to your art.



Enjoy magical art like you've never experienced before. Magic Puffy Pens are a very special set of pens that puff up when you apply heat. Amazing! It's all in the magic ink; just draw with your Magic Puffy Pens, let dry and add heat from a hair dryer and you've got incredible 3D art. Magic Puffy Pens are great for unique art projects, customizing greeting cards, making your coloring books really stand out and so much more.

We hope you’ve been inspired by our fun offerings, and be sure to check out the rest of our creative supplies for more summertime fun!

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