Show Your Mama Some Sweetness!

Mother’s Day is this weekend and we’ve got a sweet lineup of recipes inspired by some of our boys and girls spring outfits! So whether you need a last minute idea for a Mother’s Day gift, or you just feel like whipping up some treats for yourself, look no further than our list of delectable delicacies below!


Up first, is a Rainbow Brite inspired cupcake! Our little girls Rainbow Brite collection is inspired by our love of all things 80s, and the detailing on the little girls dresses, rompers, shirts and more include rainbow striping and starry prints. We found just the perfect cupcakes to match the fun, brightness of Rainbow Brite! These cupcakes are as delicious as they are colorful, and the best part is, they only look like they took forever to make! One batch of batter is used to make five different colors, which you layer up and bake just like a normal cupcake! Batter up!


Ube, or purple yam, is very popular in Philippine cuisine, and is very often found in sweet dishes and desserts because of its naturally sweet flavor. We picked out these delish Ube cupcakes because of the beautiful lavender coloring that reminded us of our Yuma collection for boys and girls! With cool ikat prints and sweet pops of lavender, our little girls rompers and tops are finished with oh-so-cute hand-embroidered detailing. Check out the recipe for these purple pleasures here!


So your mom’s Vegan? Perfect! We found the most amazing vegan key lime cake recipe here! We love the bright neon green color of this cake, it totally reminds us of our Sol collection for little dudes. Neon green accents are sprinkled all over this collection of little boys shirts, pants, rompers and more! If you’re looking for a fabulously fun green cake, look no further! This particular cake has green food color added for the brightness, but the food coloring is optional. Fun tip, you could always play around with adding some matcha green tea for some extra coloring and flavor!


So your mom’s vegan and gluten-free? Even better! We found the dessert version of our Hippie at Heart collection for little gals and tweens. The pink tie-dye prints on the little girls dresses, tops and rompers are an exact match for these vegan, raw, and gluten-free Strawberry Cheesecake Bites. Packed with flavor and energy-boosting ingredients, these cheesecake bites are exactly what you didn’t know youve been missing. Made with only ¼ cup of agave syrup, these beauties get their flavor and sweetness from mejdool dates, strawberries and coconut. Good thing these are so easy to make, cause they’ll disappear in a snap!

Whether you spend this weekend with your mom, dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles, or just friends, we hope that our tasty treat list has inspired you to whip up a batch of something sweet! And if you keep it all to yourself, that’s fine too. We’ll never tell.

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