Niroma Studio Pop-Up

This week, we are super excited to announce a special pop-up at our flagship children’s clothing boutique from artist, mom and all around super-woman Cindy Bosker of Niroma Studio!

Cindy started Niroma Studio in Jersey City, NJ in 2015 after finding her love of woven art. Niroma Studio is known for their handmade macrame pieces that come in the form of keychains, buntings and their oh-so-beautiful wall pieces. Cindy and Niroma make beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of macrame art for your home and life from 100% organic cotton string, dyed using all natural ingredients. When you purchase from Niroma Studio, you’re also helping the fight against hunger. A portion of every Niroma Studio purchase goes to The Sharing Place in Jersey City, NJ. The Sharing place is an amazing organization that offers bags of groceries and ready-made meals to people in need, serving nutritious food to 600 plus families and individuals.


Along with creating macrame art, Cindy offers macrame workshops if you’re lucky enough to be in the area. In just three hours, she can teach you 2-3 basic knots that you can get started with to create your own beautiful wall art!


For the rest of us not lucky enough to be on the Jersey Shore, we’re hosting a pop-up with some gorgeous pieces at our flagship store in Downtown Culver City, where we’ve had one of her beautiful wall hangings proudly displayed since day one. Be sure to stop by to see our curated selection of Niroma Studio’s best pieces.

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