Hearts to Ukraine: UNICEF Drive $1000 Raised! Thank You!

UPDATE (03.09.22): WE RAISED $1000 🤩  THANK YOU, MAMAS!

We are so so excited to report that we raised $847.50 from our pledge of 25% of sales during this time!  We are adding a personal donation and making it an even $1000 to go to children in the Ukraine crisis.  

Thank you to all who purchased during this time - we're loving all of the good vibes!!  And if you missed out on this, please please consider going straight to UNICEF to donate even just the price of your next latte! 

Love you all!  XOXO Sawako

We're pledging 25% of sales from March 5-7th to Unicef

As a mother, it breaks my heart to see families being separated, displaced and distressed during this horrendous attack on the people of Ukraine. It is painful to know there is not much we can tangibly do from afar except to donate funds to worthy, transparent organizations with feet on the ground.  That is why we have decided to send our love by donating 25% of all sales from March 5th-7th to one of our favorite non-profits, UNICEF.
A bit about how UNICEF is helping:
"UNICEF's response outside of Ukraine includes setting up 'Blue Dot' centers at border entry points and other strategic locations to support the delivery of emergency services to vulnerable families. Blue Dots, a concept that originated during the refugee crisis of 2015-2016, are organized in close coordination with national and local authorities, and in collaboration with UNHCR and other protection partners.
From these Blue Dot hubs, UNICEF can provide information to traveling families, psychosocial support and referrals to social workers and health services. They also facilitate family tracing and reunification efforts for children who have become separated from their family during their journey." -Unicef.org
Click HERE to read more about the work UNICEF is doing to help displaced families.
See their Instagram page for insight into their work as well as photos and video of the situation at hand.
If a purchase during this time isn't right for you, we still encourage you to donate even just $5 directly to UNICEF. As they say, every little bit helps!

Thank you from Sawako + the Miki Miette Fam

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