Black History Month: Health and Wellness

Hey Mamas!

Black History Month is here!  And what better way to celebrate than to engage your kids in this month-long opportunity for social and emotional growth!

As an immigrant and person of color, I love these times of collective effort and energy to better our relationships with our fellow souls of all different races.  

Where to start?  That's always the looming question.  Us mamas are always busy, tired and sleep deprived (in a loop).  So we've found a few sites that might help with that (not the sleep part)!  Check these out for some really great information and suggestions on things to do with your kids during Black History Month:

PBS Celebrating Black Leaders

Parade: 25 Ways to Honor Black History Month with Your Kids

The Conscious Kid: Disrupting Racism, Inequity and Bias



Sawako + the Miki Miette Fam

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