Black History Month

Celebrating Black History Month


We're shining a spotlight on a few of our favorite books, which honor the lives and accomplishments of Muhammad Ali, Maya Angelo and Rosa Parks. These inspiring stories are perfect for reading out loud to your babies and toddlers while enjoying the quirky and stylish illustrations on a sturdy board book.


An empowering book with an inspiring message, My First Rosa Parks, about a civil rights activist who stood up by sitting down —  in 1955, she refused to give up her seat to a white man on a segregated bus, sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Her courageous decision had a huge impact on civil rights


Introduce your young readers and dreamers to "the greatest" boxer of all time and activist, Muhammad Ali. When he was little, Muhammad Ali had his bicycle stolen. He wanted to fight the thief, but a policeman told him him to learn how to box first. After training hard in the gym, Muhammad developed a strong jab and an even stronger work ethic. His smart thinking and talking earned him the greatest title in boxing: Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Maya Angelo, a fascinating icon and one of the world's most beloved writers and speakers, will inspire kids of all ages. Maya Angelou spent much of her childhood in Stamps, Arkansas. After a traumatic event at age eight, she stopped speaking for five years. However, Maya rediscovered her voice through wonderful books, and went on to become one of the world's most beloved writers and speakers.

Stay tuned as we add more features throughout the month...

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