5 Ways To Decorate Your Baby’s Room

A pregnant mother stands next to a bassinet

Beautiful baby décor, just like awesome baby clothes, is a pleasure to shop for. When you curate your baby’s room, you’re completing that crucial process of “nesting” – preparing your home while simultaneously preparing yourself mentally for your life-changing new arrival. Clearly, décor is not to be neglected.

Unless you’ve had a lot of interior design experience, however, it’s easy to get stumped by baby décor. That’s why research and inspiration are so essential to baby room prep. As a mommy of two li’l moppets, I’ve gone through my fair share of nesting and have a tendency to deep dive into the process! I’ve also participated in the preparation of countless friends’ nurseries. I’ve realized that going in blindly doesn’t work while having a strategy in mind does. The five nursery room ideas outlined here are some of my favorite strategies for nesting that won’t overwhelm your already-stressed system!

1. Decorate For Theme

This is one of my favorite ways to approach décor because it makes me feel like an artiste. I love coming up with a fun theme and getting all of my baby room inspiration from it. By choosing wallpaper, decals, bedding, and toys within the same theme, you can create a room that’s not just pleasing to look at but also educational. Baby spends a lot of time exploring her room, and she’ll one day learn the names of every stuffed animal and sticker. Some themes I love include:

  • Jungle/rainforest/barn animals
  • Flowers and plants
  • Cars, trains, and planes
  • Wanderlust (accent wall painted with a lush mountain landscape? Yes, please!)
  • Geometric shapes (for that visual stimulation)
  • Ocean colors and creatures

2. Stick To Neutrals

A picture of a children’s room with a gray color scheme

Pastel pinks, blues and yellows will always be popular baby room colors, but have you considered a neutral color palette? Sometimes, the best baby room inspiration is also the simplest. For a gender-neutral, go-with-everything style that will soothe you and baby alike, consider going gray for your color scheme. Choose paints, toys, and bedding with various shades of gray while also spicing things up by adding a few colorful accents. Other great neutral colors include beige, white, browns and greens, so just pick your fave!

3. Adopt Free-Spirited Boho Style

A bohemian lifestyle is one that is naturalistic, free-spirited, and creative. You may have heard of boho fashion or even boho bedroom décor, but have you considered going boho for your baby room inspiration? The result would be a soothing environment conducive to the chillest parent-child bonding time ever. Some ideas for creating a boho nursery room include:

  • Organic, cozy materials such as hemp, macramé and knits
  • Dried plants, potted plants or wreaths
  • Beautiful rugs/tapestries
  • Sigh-worthy nursing couch, baby crib, and other furniture
  • Window dressing that lets plenty of natural light in during the day

4. Decorate For Functionality

During baby’s first year, he or she isn’t going to be the one who spends the most time looking at their room. You, the parent, are. As the one who will be cleaning and feeding baby in this space, feel free to get baby room inspiration from what is easiest and most comfortable for YOU. Don’t stress too much about creating the perfect, Pinterest-worthy baby room. Do splurge on high-quality furniture for you and your child to lounge on. Do prepare roomy storage solutions. If you have the desire to decorate more extensively in the future, simply leave a little bit of wall and floor space free.

5. Create A Personalized Space

One of the easiest and most creative ways to create a lovable baby room is to get inspiration from your little one. You can use gender as inspiration, but make sure not to be too limiting in the toys and other stimuli you offer your child. You can display your child’s name using wall decals, light-up displays, and the like. You can also make and display some baby growth keepsakes such as a height chart, clay footprint, shadow boxes, etc. Let your creative side loose with this one – heaven knows new parents can all use a little bit of art therapy to help relax!

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