5 Perfect Outfits for Your Littles (For All Year Long)


Each year is a storybook full of seasons and weather patterns for your child to explore. From collecting leaves in the autumn to dipping toes in the surf in the summer, there’s just so much for kiddos to discover in the great outdoors.

That being said, "the great outdoors” can pose real difficulties as well as real opportunities. It’s crucial that you keep a more watchful eye. It’s also crucial that you ensure your child is suitably dressed for the day’s weather and all its unpredictability. That’s where we’re happy to offer you and your family designer toddler clothes that’ll stand the test of time!

Our creative team at Miki Miette is always trying to figure out ways for littles to get creative with their outfits without sacrificing perfect comfort during all activities. Want to keep your child looking cute as a button every single season of the year? We’ve compiled a list of outfits that balance trendiness with sufficient coverage so that you can focus on planning your next picturesque excursion… And the next, and the next!

Warm Weather

In warm weather, look for designer toddler clothes that satisfy the following: sun proof, well-ventilated (but not too ventilated) and activity-friendly. Make sure to use sunscreen — zinc oxide sunscreen is a great non-toxic choice!

1. Joggers and A Tee Shirt

Joggers are some of our favorite bottoms around because they’re comfy enough for your little slug to snooze in while also being snazzy enough for playtime wear. Find joggers in your child’s favorite pattern or color so that he can just throw them on, then shrug into a tee shirt, and go. Shorts also work great, of course, but we love how joggers keep our kiddos’ knees safe as they romp and tumble.

2. Playdress and Leggings

Some of the best designer toddler clothes are adorable because they are classic. Simple, pilgrim-style dresses are some of our fave items to prepare for our little gals in the summer. This summer, look for unrestrictive A-line dresses with machine washable cotton fabric. Pockets are a bonus, too, for all those seashells and stones she’ll be collecting. For high-activity days, we recommend pairing the dress with leggings to maximize her range of movement.

Cold Weather

When the chilly days hit, layering is your key to success. Do prepare that thick jacket, but also look for cozy designer toddler clothes to wear underneath. Pile on the hats and other cold weather accessories, too!

1. Pullover Sweatshirts And Joggers

In the chilly weather, we love stepping outside with our little ones clad in sweatshirts and joggers. Sure, it isn’t the most stylish outfit in the universe, but chilly, windy days are more about coziness (preferably by a fireplace) than fashion, in our book. One of the great things about this outfit is that both the tops and bottoms are roomy enough for you to layer over thermal underwear.

2. Winter Coat And Snow Pants

If you live in a climate with snow, then a heavy winter coat and snow pants are musts for your children. Your little ones may protest, but jeans and a hoodie simply won’t do when your kid starts tumbling around in snow, as munchkins tend to do. Look for options at trusted designer toddler clothes stores if you want the best in quality and style.

Transitional Weather

Some seasons give us hot days and some give us cold days, but what do you do during the tricky spring and fall seasons when the weather can shift at the flip of a switch?

1. Button Up Shirt And Jeans

Dress your child in layers the way you dress in layers during transitional weather. On days with unpredictable weather, you can put together a great go-to outfit by pairing a thermal raglan shirt with a cute button-up and elastic-band jeans. Not only is every layer stylish, but your child is also prepared for any shift in the wind. For high-activity days, just replace that button up shirt with a hoodie!

Browse Trendy Designer Toddler Clothes For Every Season

As mommies, we know that we can prepare all we want, and we’ll still get caught off guard in the great outdoors. Unexpected showers will happen and our little ones WILL get wet; spills will happen and we WILL have to sacrifice our personal button up shirts to re-clothe our hatchlings. With the weather-friendly outfits outlined on this page, however, you will be set for most days. Head to our collection now to begin shopping for designer toddler clothes worthy of your adventures with baby this year!

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