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Have you ever wondered how brands get their name?  Well, you don’t have to wonder how we did. My name is Sawako and I’m the owner of Miki Miette.  Miki Miette consists of two kids names that I always liked. Miki is a boy’s nickname in Japan. This name always resonated with me, as I love cute unisex names and Japanese design. And Miette is the little girl’s name from one of my favorite films of all time – The City of Lost Children by French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Miette is a strong, old soul with a soft heart. I really believe that all facets of girlhood should be celebrated from birth, not just the delicate and pretty, but the rambunctious, eccentric and unconventional as well. My little dudes and little gals line represents all of those qualities, in both boy and girl.

Miki Miette

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