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  • Jawsome Tattoos

Jawsome Tattoos

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2 Sheets Per Pack
Sheet Size: 3 x 3 Inches
Pack Size: 3 x 4 Inches

Shark Temporary Tattoos

Jawesome Tattoos

Let us guess — to your little one, Shark Week is "must-see TV." Well, we've got the perfect accessory for your great white fanatic, and we know they'll think it's awesome… or shall we say jawesome?

One look at these shark temporary tattoos and your little ones will have a big smile on their faces (it may even be bigger than the shark's grin)! These temporary tattoo packs come with two shark designs, including a thinner blue on blue shark, as well as a heftier gray shark. Your little one can also enjoy a school of little red fish swimming below.

You can use these for any occasion. Birthday? Slip a tattoo into the gift bag. Christmas? Stick one in the stocking! They can even be a great reward for everything from potty training to a stellar report card!


How To Use

Just like all our other tattoos, the shark temporary tattoos at Miki Miette are non-toxic and safe for your little ones. Make sure you follow the instructions in the package so the tattoo lasts as long as possible!

Great tattoos aren't all you'll find at Miki Miette. We have the cutest clothes, accessories, and decor available online. If you want to learn more about our products, reach out to us today!


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