Girls Fall Winter Bundle


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      New Limited Edition Surprise Bundles!
      Love a deal? Then you’re going to love our Surprise Bundles — 5 styles for only $50!

      Here’s how it works:
      Order a bundle in your child’s size. Choose from Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter styles — or both! You won’t be able to pick what comes in your bundle (that’s why it’s a surprise!) but if you’re a Miki Miette fan, you know it’ll be the cutest and the comfiest! *Pictured above are sample bundles* 

      We’ll do our best to send you a mix of bottoms + tops; and while it may be all clothes, there might be an accessory included as well.

      PLEASE NOTE: Each bundle is unique, however if you order bundles at different times, you could receive a duplicate style. What a great way to twin with a sibling, bestie or makes for a cute holiday gift too!