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Miki Miette loves to make your kiddos smile, and with our special line of room decor you’ll find everything you need for a happy and fun room that will keep your little ones smiling from ear to ear! Fill your kid’s room with lots of love, and discover what we have to offer for their own special space.

Our Selection

Each of our room decor pieces is completely different from the rest, and that’s what truly makes Miki Miette items so special! Shop with your little ones to pick decor pieces that they’ll love! Made from safe materials, you can rest assured that your little one will be secure with our kid friendly products.

Night Lights

Light up your little one's life with a kids room night light from A Little Lovely Company, available at Miki Miette. Our delightful designs will put a smile on their face, and keep them feeling safe from any monsters hiding in the closet or under the bed. For late night bathroom breaks, they’ll be able to safely walk around the room without bumping into anything. The dim light is the perfect shade, so that your kiddo will sleep tight, without a bright light to keep them up! You can also set a timer to turn the light off after 15 minutes.

Miki Miette offers fun room decor that both parents and kids will love!
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